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Avery Hoffman (she/her)


Sender One WW 2024

My name is Avery Hoffman (she/her), and I was drawn to Queer Crush because I know how hard it can be to feel like you can be yourself in some climbing spaces. The queer climbing community has helped me feel so welcome and I want to do the same for others like me! I’ve been climbing for almost 9 years, and I’ve stuck with it because I love climbing for the physical and mental challenges on each problem, and the tight-knit community.

I would describe my leadership style as collaborative, inclusive, and creative. I only have experience living with my own identities, but I want to make sure everyone feels safe and accepted for who they are. I love hearing about others’ experiences and collaborating with them to help make our community more inclusive and aware of different perspectives. I never want to stop learning and finding new ways to lead!

A fun fact about me is that I love going to museums and live shows, and I’m always looking for recommendations of new artists to follow!

Avery Hoffman (she/her)
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