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Feifei Xue (they/them)


Director, Information Technology 2024

Joy and Acceptance

Feifei is excited to be part of something that helps people find acceptance and joy in climbing together. They are most happy to climb with friends and community, regardless of where or what kind of climbing. They’re most comfortable at a gym, complaining about some unexpected pinch or sloper. :P


They’ve always gravitated to opportunities to welcome new folks to something they love. This includes new student support and residential assistant roles throughout high school and college, as well as volunteer-teaching bouldering and routesetting 101 courses. Professionally, they manage an HR data team for a large company, which gives them hands-on experience with data management and organizational leadership as well as a front row seat to recruitment strategy, HR process and policy design, and DEI initiatives.

Fun Fact

Their ape index is 0, but their right arm is longer than their left arm!

Feifei Xue (they/them)
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