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Mordecai (they/she)


MetroRock Essex 2024

Enthusiastic, Caring, Sociable

I started attending Queer Crush meet ups in Southern California, and it changed my life. I was going through a rough time and really needed that community and an athletic outlet for myself. The queer climbing community took me in with open arms and I made some amazing friends. I enjoy the physical problem solving of climbing and thrive off the camaraderie among climbers.

After moving to Vermont to pursue a graduate degree, I felt the lacking of queer organized climbing groups. It has been such a pleasure to extend Queer Crush into New England and it has given me the opportunity to connect with the community here. I hope that I can create a space where others can feel seen and cared for, just like I did when I was first getting started climbing.

When I’m not climbing you can find me: riding my horse, teaching middle school, having a picnic by the waterfront, playing piano, and doing improv.

Mordecai (they/she)
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