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Sabrina Dhaliwal (she/her)


MetroRock Essex 2024

We don't have very many queer- or climbing-oriented communities in New England, so my friend Nova started a new chapter in Vermont. I love that Queer Crush can be that safe space for minorities in my area, and the climbing community here is very welcoming and supportive, so it feels like a natural partnership. I started climbing in June 2023 as a way of facing my fear of heights. I didn't have high expectations (ha, punny), but it was actually easy for me to start climbing and find enjoyment in it because my climbing group was so supportive.I'm still afraid of falling though, so I'm definitely more of a top-rope girl! 

Fun fact: I've been a competitive ballroom dancer for 15 years

Sabrina Dhaliwal (she/her)
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