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Tyler Poston (they/them)


Land Acknowledgments 2023


Tyler’s reasons for climbing are to hang out with others, experience novelty through systems exploration, inhale rejuvenation in nature, eat every one of the 20 flavors of Albanese gummy worms for the send (or the sit) and make sure to get on some top ropes that are too hard.

Safe Spaces

They see climbing as cool because it's the intersection of noticing experiences with the land and other persons. There's a lot of work to do in how we interact in these cross sections and they love that Queer Crush is a safe space to explore, learn and give work in these areas. They bring stoke, learning and curating self as a resource for DEI work, climbing systems knowledge and openness!

Fun Fact

The Albanese 20 flavor gummy worm bulk packs can be purchased from Groc Out.

Tyler Poston (they/them)
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